Our patients can schedule a COVID-19 vaccination through NYU Langone Health MyChart or the NYU Langone Health app. Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine. Read our updated information about wearing a mask for your visit, and our visitor policy.

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At NYU Langone Health, we strive to provide excellent digital access to all. We are committed to supporting a digital environment that provides individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in our programs and services as those without disabilities. This includes our websites: http://cqjetl.seoulinsu.com, http://med.nyu.edu, and http://medli.nyu.edu

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Assistance with Accessing the Website

If you need assistance accessing NYU Langone’s websites or any of our services, please call our toll-free number: . Our operators are available to help you get more information, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Website Accessibility Policy

NYU Langone’s commitment to digital accessibility is grounded not only in principles of equity and inclusion, but also with the knowledge that accessible digital content generally enhances usability for everyone. 

We make every effort to ensure that content and aspects of our websites are accessible, unless doing so would represent and undue burden or fundamental alteration. In these cases, we have provided a phone number to ensure that all users can access our services.

Any additions or changes to http://cqjetl.seoulinsu.com, http://med.nyu.edu, and http://medli.nyu.edu should not cause the websites to fall out of substantial conformance with applicable law. Our websites do not include sites that are independent of NYU Langone, including sites that are linked from our websites, or websites that do not provide NYU Langone programs, services, or activities.